"My imported Hamilton honey brought us a bag for a snowed in South Jersey weekend.
I am a sweet tooth - I had the French toast and chocolate chip.
The French toast was amaaaaaazing! Strangely sticky and crunchy w sugar! Absolutely delicious!
The chocolate chip was really good too!
Better than my beloved Sharkey's in my area, sad to say!

- Tricia G.
"First time getting bagels here. A huge selection with choices such as cinnamon crunch, cheddar jalapeño, very berry, and so many more. It's self serve for the bagels so you get a pick at which one you want!
I ended up getting a French toast bagel, a jalapeño cheddar, and another French toast with lite cream cheese. The total was all under $5, which is a really reasonable price.
The French toast bagel was so good. My sister was very satisfied with the amount of cream cheese on her bagel as well.
Definitely would come back again!"

-Kelly D.
"Great bagels but apparent cream cheese shortage? Opened bagel when I got home and thought maybe I forgot to ask for cream cheese. Upon further inspection I observed there was indeed cream cheese! Don't be cheap on the cream cheese guys!"

-Rob C.
"GREAT bagels ... and that is what you come for. Cream cheese spreads are perfect. Owners could not be more accommodating. We come a little bit of a distance - with bagel places in our area - come because the coffee is fabulous (just what we like) and the bagels are wonderful. Terrific selection, try -em all. Love this place. Not fancy, just what you want to hang out or not but have what you came for. LS"

-Lolly S.
"Really good bagels and you have to have the vegetable cream cheese. Also good place for lunch sandwiches."

-Debra D.
"Awesomely great bagels. Fresh and large. Better than NY. The sandwiches we had were fresh and large. Super great and friendly service too. I would highly recommend this place !!!!"

-Scott S.
"We went here for a quick breakfast, and had a nice experience. The bagels were amazing, and I loved all the different varieties of cream cheeses. Even though it was crowded, the wait moved quickly and my order was correct. I would definitely recommend coming here, the bagels are worth it!"

"In short there's no other place within miles that compare to these bagels! Also great cream cheese favors!"

"Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! Best bagels in the USA! Huge, fresh, bagels that are in baskets for you to select. The bagels are soft and chewy, always fresh. Large selection of sandwich like bagelwhichems( hamberger bagel), etc."

-Evening Hero